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Picture this: 4 teacher roommates in 1 house, 4 days away from summer break. Plans to head to Ireland and Spain in less than 10 days. Then enter lice. We were in a panic! But Amy came to our rescue. She came to our house and treated all 4 of us, our sig others, and a few friends in 5 hours the day we called. We felt so much more educated and comfortable being lice free. We could not thank her enough for her kindness, support, and expertise! We highly recommend Amy and her team!


Sarah was amazing. I absolutely recommend The Lice Cure. They are quick to help, and they really explain what is going on, and how to treat at home. Thank you The Lice Cure for treating myself and my family so well.


Amy Klin, is the most kind and pleasant person to be around. Before you try to treat it yourself consider her affordable packages. It will save you time, stress and money in the end.


Amy is amazing!!! She is knowledgeable and professional and does everything in the comfort of your own home. Her kind and caring demeanor put me right at ease. She knows her stuff and will take care of everything! Call her if your kiddos bring home lice, she will fix it!


Great experience! Amy answered the phone when I called, gave us many times to choose from, saw her an hour after the call. Felt well taken care of, treated well, all questions were answered felt better about the situation. My kids were comfortable and think we should see her again because she was so friendly, hope we don’t have to see her again because of lice. Very helpful. Can not say enough good things!


Love the preventative spray for my kids coats, hats and backpacks. Smells great and super easy to use before they head off to school in the morning!


Amy was so helpful and incredibly flexible with scheduling last minute. I never thought my kids would get lice, but it happens. Amy’s service is so convenient and much more doable than trying to buy all the products and doing it by yourself! She is personable and friendly. The kids felt so at ease. My child was lice free in an hour. I highly recommend The Lice Cure!


Amy was very patient and caring. I cannot say enough about her service. Amy is the best! She made time on a Sunday to check my whole family for lice. I highly recommend her.


I got a good lesson on the physiology of lice and how to kill/prevent spread of the little buggers! Wonderful, very affordable service. Thanks Amy!


My son got treated and the rest of the family were checked and a preventive applied. It was so wonderful to know that the lice problem was taken care of that evening and we didn't have to worry about it anymore. THANK YOU!!!


Thank you so much!! You made this experience much more tolerable and less frightening!! And I learned a lot! Thank you again!