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Head Checks / Screening  $25


$10 Flat Fee for each additional household member.

Head Check fee is waived if found to be positive for head lice and client chooses to have The Lice Cure Full Treatment.




The Lice Cure Full Treatment  $99


Families come away from treatment lice free and armed with prevention products and knowledge.

*Price includes The Lice Cure Prevention Package:  One 8 oz. bottle of Mint Spray and One travel size Mint Detangle Spray, $20 value (limit 1 per household).



The Lice Cure Treatment is 100% guaranteed!


Treatment is covered under most Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts

(consult with your HSA/FSA vendor).














Let The Lice Cure take the burden off of your hands and save you time, money and your SANITY!



Common Head Lice Household Scenario for a Family of Four


  • Spot bug on little one, run to local pharmacy!
  • Common OTC Box Treatment = $25/household member = $100
  • Combing that night until 2 a.m. and for days, if not weeks there after = TIME = $$
  • Cleaning / Washing for days = TIME = $$
  • Mental Anguish – Is it gone?  Do I have it?


Your TIME is Valuable

Piece of Mind = PRICELESS