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Screenings (Per Person)................. $15


Screening fee is waived if found to be positive for head lice and client chooses to have The Lice Cure Full Treatment.


Preventative Oil Treatment........ $10


The Lice Cure Full Treatment....$125


Families come away from treatment lice free and armed with prevention products and knowledge.

Price includes one 8 oz. bottle of The Lice Cure Oil and a choice of either one 8 oz. bottle of The Lice Cure Peppermint Spray or one 8 oz. bottle of The Lice Cure Clarifying Shampoo ($30 Value, one package per household).



The Lice Cure Treatment is 100% guaranteed!


Treatment is covered under most Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts

(consult with your HSA/FSA vendor).














Let The Lice Cure take the burden off of your hands and save you time, money and your SANITY!



Common Head Lice Household Scenario for a Family of Four


  • Spot bug on little one, run to local pharmacy!
  • Common OTC Box Treatment = $25/household member = $100
  • Combing that night until 2 a.m. and for days, if not weeks there after = TIME = $$
  • Cleaning / Washing for days = TIME = $$
  • Mental Anguish – Is it gone?  Do I have it?


Your TIME is Valuable

Piece of Mind = PRICELESS