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Amy Klin - Owner

Hello, I’m Amy Klin, Owner of The Lice Cure (TLC) in Stapleton, wife and mom to two adventurous daughters.  As a parent, I know firsthand the nightmare head lice can cause to a household.  In my own experience, after spinning my wheels for weeks with harsh and ineffective over-the-counter pesticide based products, as well as numerous home remedies, I knew there had to be a better way, and so my mission began.






After much research, I entered the lice removal industry, where I became educated, and professionally trained as a lice removal specialist.   I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside educators, schools and camp counselors.  I began The Lice Cure with the goal to help families avoid the myths and pitfalls of ineffective products, processes and costly procedures.  The Lice Cure uses safe, non-toxic products to effectively treat and eradicate head lice, saving families time, money, and their SANITY.  It is truly rewarding to help families through such a stressful time!